Welcome Back

We are excited to begin the 2020-2021 school year! Remote, In-Person or Hybrid...we hope you have a great year. 

The Trumansburg Middle School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is dedicated to supporting children, families, teachers and staff of the Trumansburg Central Schools. Click on the button below to view our events calendar. For the time being our meetings will be held virtually on Zoom.

About Us

We are a group of parents and teachers working together to support our kids, their school, teachers and activities. We hold several meetings each year to plan events and get together. We have some excellent events that our students, parents and our community look forward to every year! They include: Staff Slam Basketball Game, May Day 5K, and we also help with parking cars for Grassroots. View our calendar page for more info.

Our events make money for the PTO which we use for the school. Teachers can request funds for things that they feel best fit the needs of the students and the school. The PTO tries to distribute the funds earned as equitably as possible across grades and subject areas.

Our Mission Statement

The Trumansburg Middle School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is dedicated to supporting children, families, teachers and staff of the Trumansburg Central Schools. We are strong advocates of education, and we seek to maximize our children’s educational and enrichment opportunities.

We welcome and encourage any interested parents, teachers, staff and community members to be part of the PTO. Our mission as a PTO is to sponsor and organize events to enrich our families, encourage and strengthen community spirit, and raise funds to enrich our children’s educational and developmental experiences at Trumansburg Middle School.

The PTO is committed to students, parents and teachers and we will represent ourselves in a respectful manner at all times.

Sign Up for Our Email List

By signing up to be on our voting list, you are letting us know that you are interested in being involved in some way. This could mean that you come to many of the meetings, help with events, bring in donations or all of the above! Occasionally we send out emails asking for your vote on a matter, and signing up for this list makes sure that you are a part of that voting process.

Why YOU should be a part of PTO

We’d love to have you! You will get so much from being part of the group. Here are just some of the benefits.

More familiarity with the school. Middle school is that transition time when you spend less time with teachers and it becomes more rare to be asked to volunteer. When volunteers are needed, the school typically comes to us to seek them. You’ll get to know the teachers and principal organically by being part of this group.

New social connections. You may have plenty of friends already, but the PTO relationships, while starting off as functional often become deep friendships over time. You may be a 5th grade parent and become very close with a group of 7/8 grade parents and by doing so you learn a lot about what to expect in school as your child goes through. This information is really helpful for keeping you comfortable and ready for next stages.

You create change. Hope to help create more support for teachers? Interested in having different events for your kids? Want to nurture that staff/parent relationship? The PTO is a place where your ideas can really make a difference. Check it out and see how rewarding it can be.

While we don’t have membership dues, we do require that you attend at least 3 meetings per year and help with at least one event to be a voting member.